Does Voice Speak Listen to What We Mean or What We Say?


Hey Katie, Layla, I mean Nata…Alexa! Whoever you are. For many, voice search is a new phenomenon. Others have known about this *explicit language warning* YouTube video that my family endlessly cracks up about– and others like it for years. Decades even. Yep, voice search has been around for a decade. The initial launch was […]

Smart Campaigns vs. Search Campaigns: What’s Smarter? Better? Faster?


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a tricky digital marketing tactic that many believe to be a ‘quick win’ to drive traffic to your website or get online lead generation started. While mostly true, the statement leads most business owners to believe that running a paid search campaign is easy and… quick. I started some quick […]

Claim Your Free Money From Google


Google Ads is giving away money and for once, I don’t have to laugh when I utter those words. Real talk – back in like, ehhhh 2015 when Google Ads – formerly, “Google Adwords” – was really getting ramped up and my digital advertising clients we’re PSYCHED! There seemed to be all of these fancy […]