Digital Marketing Services: Introducing

Hey there, I’m Natalie. This is my website. Thanks for being here.

natalie coyne digital marketing logo

For years, I’ve been an active member of St. Louis’ digital marketing community. Whether I am angrily tweeting about the most recent Google algorithm or connecting with my peers in the advertising realm on LinkedIn, I like to stay connected. Growing up on the internet has made my passion for digital marketing stick as much more than a career. It’s who I am. Developing content marketing strategies, search engine optimization techniques or paid search war plans – I love it all.

After almost a decade underneath the St. Louis marketing agency umbrella, I’ve decided to go rogue and cultivate a digital marketing experience for small to medium-sized businesses, no matter what their understanding of the internet is.

If you’re a marketing manager or director of strategy of a mid-level organization with digital properties already set up and you just want someone else to do it – I’m your girl.

If you’re a small business and need someone to develop your brand online – with limited understanding of digital marketing concepts, I got you.

If you’re an entrepreneur stepping out into the word and need help developing a personal brand strategy for social media or email marketing, come along for this ride!

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Let’s not make it complicated. Tell me what your goals are and I’ll tell you what it’s going to take to make it happen. My success is yours. There should be no gray area. So, let’s push all the politics aside and make something beautiful together.

Trusted and Respected Agency Partners

I only work with people I like, trust and respect. I’m not going to hop on a project with shady people, or shady clients. If you’re not here to do good work with good people, then I will politely ask you to leave. But first, you can follow me on Instagram and keep your eyes on the growth… I know you’ll be watching. They always do.

A Step into Digital Entrepreneurship

Starting a business in the midst of a global pandemic has been wild, but I’ve been beyond blessed with these opportunities. I have several projects in the works – with the intent to provide aide to my fellow female entrepreneurs. If you or anyone you know is starting their own business, make sure to connect with me on Instagram: @entreprenatalie. I’m building some really great connections in St. Louis and (coming soon) Denver, Colorado.